UnEqualed Juvenile and Amateur Riding Program.



On the banks of the of the Big Sandy River nestled in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains resides one of the most successful Amateur and Juvenile riding program in the Mountain Horse world today. Regulation and sanction shows by the Rocky Mountain Horse Association, bulge each Saturday Night with the entry's from Prince Albert Stables.

 Prince Albert Stables was started in 1986 with the purchase of Emma Suzy Lady later a World Champion RMHA mare. Suzy soon made her way into the local fun shows of the Eastern Kentucky Show circuit. Suzy seem to attract the local kids and horse loving adults with her calm nature and loving eyes. While being displays at local sporting events, parades or the star attraction at birthday parties. Suzy and the Rocky Mountain Horses were well on it way to developing a dedicated group of juvenile riders that have risen to claim many of the industry distinctions.

Success in the equine world comes at the same price as would the success in any other sport. Hard Work with Continuous Improvement.

Prince Albert Stables students are all taught that ‘Practice does not make perfect, Practice only make permanent. Practice of perfection makes perfect. This is a serious endeavor and not all that come through the doors at Prince Albert Stables succeed in this equine sport.

Those that continually display the talent, determination and commitment not only are taught the horse its environment but the complete understanding of this Rocky Mountain Horse. They also are exposed to many of lifes lessons as well, both positive and negative. They also are taught how to manage the results whether positive with the wins or negative with the losses. All of this tends to serve them well in the equine world as well as in every day life.

Much emphasize is placed on how the horse and rider performed.  Discussions about the performance of the rider as well as the performance of the horse are always a popular topic. We teach the rider to understand the horse, its gait and his or her performance.

Many World Champion Awards reside at Prince Albert Stables. Consecutive Juvenile of the Year Awards, Consecutive Audrey Hydry Memorial Awards winners.

Prince Albert Stables has put in to date the youngest show participant and holds the record for the most Juvenile award winners. All of this success is contributed to hard work, dedication and determination to excellence. Striving daily provide the proper environment and atmosphere that will allow these young individuals to be the best they can be. Where going to do it right or Where not going to do it at all attitude.


Sue Wells

Prince Albert Stables