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Rocky Mountain Stallion

Name: Backfield In Motion

DOB:  4/05/2007

Sire:  Mountain Motion

Dam: Golden Bonnie

Stands: 15.0 hands

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Registered Rocky Mountain Gelding
For Sale

First Time offered for Sale. Backfield In Motion a true Buckskin Registered Rocky Mountain gelding.
Backfield has been there and done it all. He has ridden trail with my wife in the saddle for the past 10 years. He was born and raised on our farm. No bad habits, no spook, no jump, loads and hauls without effort.  He is healthy in every way up to date on all shots and traveling documents. Backfield has written Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Utah, South Dakota and in  just these recent years. All types of weather and terrain. Naturally gaited and very easy to handle. Not much more to be said about this boy. Contact us for more information.







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Rocky Mountain Stallion

Name: FVF's Maximus

DOB:  6/26/2016

Sire:  FVF's Jeremiah Johnson

Dam: FVF's Charlies Angle

Stands: 15.1 hands

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Registered Rocky Mountain Stallion
For Sale

Too many stallions, hate to see this one go. Beautiful Bay Registered Rocky Mountain horse. The right age, professionally trained and ridden for the past 3 years. Excellent gait and excellent barn manners.  Bred sparingly at owners’ request.  Excellent semen count was tested this spring in Lexington, Ky.  He is bred royally, shown sparingly this year. Maximus has all the potential , big, beautiful, the smooth Rocky Mountain gait all around a great horse. Should you choose to geld and use as a trail horse we will accommodate you as well. We can handle the gelding and recovery. Excellent care facilities full time trainer and many years of experience.







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