Prince Albert Stables

Prestonsburg, Kentucky

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Prince Albert Stables a modern 50 stall facility geared to the comfort of both horse and rider was started in 1989 out of a desire to provide a place to enjoy your horse and become more accomplished as a horse person. Prince Albert Stables was the first to own, ride and display a Rocky Mountain Horse in our community. We showed at our first RMHA International in 1992. We have been successful building our business around this great animal. It's was early on that the rules were set governing the use of and direction of Prince Albert Stables.
Our mission is to provide the atmosphere, facilities and experience that will allow each horse as well as rider reach their maximum potential. One of our goals is the elevate our customers knowledge to the point that they know when there horse has performed well or not. We have worked with the young, inexperienced and mentally challenged. This has taught us to go slow and to not only develop the horse but to also develop the individual as well. This to has had its rewards for when we find we are of help to someone, we help ourselves as well. Trail riding has been the proving grounds for many of our horses and riders as well. On any given Saturday Night during horse show season you will see
the Amateur and Juvenile Class's filled with riders from Prince Albert Stables rider's


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