Some Thoughts About A Horse

"Our eyes tell us what a horse appears to be.

His pedigree tells us what he ought to be.

offspring tells us what He Is!"



Sire of the Rasin The Bar the 2015
                                                UMH Trail Pleasure World Grand Champion


Sire of the The Illusionist the 2013

                                                Sam Tuttle Award Winner
 The Rea Swan Versatility Award Winner

Sire of the Rio's River Dance the 2019

                                                RMHA Trail Pleasure World Grand Champion
 UnDefeated in all RMHA 2019 Classes






Sired by Choco in 1995 out of a Clemons Tim mare, Anna's Special Penny.

Choco-Lot has proven himself many times throughout his career with several World Champion titles.
Proven as an under Saddle Horse as well as a Halter Horse.  
Numerous World Champion Titles and High point awards throughout his career. 
His ability to pass on the genes and traits of the original Rocky Mountain Horses to his offspring remains one of his greatest accomplishments.
He shares some of the Great Old Time genes passed down from his Sire and Dam.
Just some of his more popular brothers include, they are a
Who's Who listing in the Rocky Mountain Horse registry.

              Rebel                                               1981 Choco/Polly a Tobe Mare

              Cocoa II                                           1981 Choco/Sewells Star

              Dock                                                1982 Choco/Stith Mare

              Joshua                                             1984 Choco/Sunshine Lady

              Vergeland Jake                              1985 Choco/Piddly Ann

              Old Smokey                                    1990 Choco/Phillip's Mandy Lou

              Sewell's Chocolate Blaze              1993 Choco/Sewell's Star

              Choco-Lot                                       1995 Choco/Anna Special Penny

From the above stallions come some of the Greatest Horses to every share the Rocky Mountain Registry!
Choco-Lot has passed these Great Rocky Mountain Traits on as well.
He bred sparingly while showing heavy between his 5 to 8 year old years, as this was the request of his owner.
Choco-Lot provided the horse world so far with such greats as:

              Choco-Lots Promise                  Foaled 1998    'International Grand Champion'

              Choco's Eclipse                          Foaled 1999

              CD's Gambler                             Foaled 2000    'Multi International RMHA Grand Champion'

              Choco-Lots Miss Perfect           Foaled 2001    'International Champion'

              Choco-Lots Image                      Foaled 2003    'Multi International RMHA Grand Champion'

              Double Eagle                              Foaled 2004    'RMHA High Point Horse'

              Choco-Lots Fancy Dancer         Foaled 2004    'Multi International RMHA Grand Champion'

              The Illusionist                             Foaled 2008    'International Grand Champion'

              Rio La Bamba                             Foaled 2009    'International Champion'

              Raising The Bar                          Foaled 2009    'UMH World Grand Champion'

              Rio La Bama                               Foaled 2009    'UMH World Grand Champion'

              Rio's River Dance                       Foaled 2015   'RHMA International Grand Champion'


Bred by Anna Fay Townsend and Foaled March, 1995 Choco-Lot was sold as a weanling to Jerry Dixon
which started him under saddle as a two year old and is responsible for his early breeding years. 
Choco-Lot arrived at Prince Albert Stables as a late four year old horse. 
As with all the PAS horses Choco-Lot was exposed to the trail. . 
Choco-Lot like all the Rocky’s loves serving people, enjoys the outdoors and being with other horses.
We cannot image never allowing a horse such as Choco-lot the opportunity to be on a trail ride.

All of Choco-Lot's colts develop into something
Although sometimes going through what we call an 'Ugly Duckling Stage' most all Choco-Lot offspring
develop into beautiful horses, with a smart mind.
Gently rounded and filled in on all points, short backed, beautiful head and neck and above all naturally gaited and smooth.

They all display that famous 'Want to Please Attitude', so desired by Rocky Mountain Horses owner.
Being a breeding stallion that carries no red gene Choco-Lot sires foals both black and Chocolate and the
Chocolate displays the snow with mane and tails. His dam Anna's Special Penny still displayed the stark white mane and tail at my last site of her at 24 years of age.

Second generation horses such as Choco-Lot, Dock and Vergeland Jake are becoming rarer as time passes.


Some Thoughts About A Horse